Reasons To Go On A British Columbia Moose Hunt

Reasons To Go On A British Columbia Moose HuntThere are many places in the world to hunt moose, but the best country to find them is Canada. You can go to Manitoba, QuÈbec, and also Alberta. However, the top choice for most serious moose hunters is to go to British Columbia. If you are headed up into Canada, or you are living in Alaska, regarded as the largest source for moose on the planet, British Columbia is a fantastic place to begin. There are many reasons that you should go on a British Columbia moose hunt, and here are a few tips that you can use in order to have the best hunt of your life.

What You Should Know About Moose If You Are A Novice

If you have never been moose hunting before, but you have been deer hunting, there are a few things that you should realize. First of all, these animals are much larger, with large heavy bodies, the largest of all animals in the deer family. They can be many different colors including what would appear to be pure black, or they could be golden brown. Males that are full-grown, referred to as bowls, stand 6 feet tall at the shoulder. Although females are much smaller, the average weight of either animal is about 1200 pounds and a Bullmoose will have the antlers. You need to be careful when you are hunting as they can be quite aggressive if you accidentally come up upon one, especially during September and October which is their mating season in Canada.

What You Will Need On Your BC Moose Hunt

It is unlikely that spending a few hours out in the wilderness will actually lead to catching one of these elusive animals unless you are one of the best hunters living today. You will likely have to bring many supplies with you, and spend at least a weekend out in the wilderness, to even have a chance of shooting one of these animals. Although they are huge, and plentiful, it may take some time to get your bearings and learn where they are traveling. You will need to bring a tent, stove, propane, sleeping bag, and of course your gun and Buck Knife in order to be properly prepared. People that are using high-tech equipment often bring a GPS unit so they will know exactly where they are. They can sometimes get additional information such as locations where successful moose hunters have been, and can go directly to those destinations.

How To Find Moose Quickly

To make your British Columbia moose hunt as successful as possible, it is always recommended that you bring something that can create cow calls to attract the males, and something to make able grunt to attract the females. Either way, you will inevitably come across a Bull moose. This makes it much easier for hunters to have the moose come to them, eliminating most of the need to track them down. If you are able to go out with a group of people, with everyone using the moose calls, is likely that one of you will attract one of them into your midst, allowing you to take home something on your British Columbia moose hunt.

These simple tips for preparing for your moose hunt in British Columbia should give you enough information to start with. It is recommended that you go out with someone that is experienced if you have never done this before so as to increase your odds of actually shooting one of these animals. It is important to bring proper supplies in case things go wrong, and especially if you are planning on spending a few days in the wilderness. Along with your moose calls, and your GPS unit, you should have the advantage when it comes to trying to hunt for and successfully kill in moose on your next hunting trip.

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