Whitetail Deer Hunts In British Columbia

British Columbia White Tail HuntsBritish Columbia contains some of the most beautiful regions in all of North American. With soaring mountain peaks, wide grassy prairies and vast woodlands, it’s a nature photographer’s dream come true. Experiencing these lands can be risky, however, as nature can be dangerous; sudden snows, floods and sometimes even just getting lost can doom an unlucky human. Still, there is much to be said about the wilds of British Columbia, and people from around the world come to this section of Canada to experience its wonder. One of the best ways to experience these wilds are through British Columbia Whitetail deer hunts, a difficult process that will test all but the greatest hunters.

The British Columbia whitetail deer hunts are a complex affair for such a numerous species. While most people know whitetail deer as “ordinary” deer, the species is actually fairly unusual. Some subspecies are the fastest cervids on Earth, reaching land speeds of up to 47 miles per hour. The species is also very widespread, ranging from the far reaches of British Columbia to the Oaxaca jungles of Mexico. Though their breeding season is relatively short, human activities and restrictions on hunting have since revived the once endangered species to the point of becoming somewhat over abundant. This species has a great many different forms of communication, which includes a combination of vocal sounds, body language and specialized glands that emit scents for both communication and marking. While most of their former natural predators have become endangered themselves, the whitetail deer itself as since prospered since the 1930s. While they do not thrive everywhere in their range, in some places few natural predators, they have actually become a threat to the forests they live in as the species has an incredibly diverse diet, being almost entirely nearly any plant matter in the woodlands they inhabit, but they have also been recorded as having rare bursts of carnivorous activities. Male whitetail deer, bucks, are about 45 to 125 kilograms in weight, though some specimens reaching over 180 kilograms have been recorded. While most deer prefer to run when threatened, they can be a threat to humans. If they feel extremely threatened to the point where they are afraid to run, they will gore their attackers with their horns or, if they are without horns, headbutts will suffice.

British Columbia maintains a specific season when whitetail deer can be hunted, usually around the autumn season, and usually only permits the hunting of bucks of a certain size. Canadian firearms laws make hunting with rifles a tricky proposition for even local hunters, but there are no restrictions on simpler but no less effective hunting tools like bows. It is advised that would be hunters bone up on British Columbia’s hunting laws before beginning any safaris so as to avoid legal troubles involved in their hunt. Even while following all local laws, hunters are advised to be careful out in the wilds, as there are far more than deer in the wilds and bad weather can be disastrous for any hunting expedition.

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