British Columbia Mountain Goat Hunts

British Columbia Mountain Goat huntsIn the northern reaches of the planet, there are vast woodlands and soaring mountains. On the taiga of British Columbia stand some of the most amazing landscapes on planet Earth. With the Rocky Mountains towering over all and forests as far as the eye can, divided only by roaring rivers and ravines, it’s easy to see why so many people are eager to visit British Columbia every year. There are many different ways to experience the wonders of British Columbia; from camping to fishing to a simple road trip through the land, any way you choose can suit your needs. One particularly exciting way to experience British Columbia is with British Columbia mountain goat hunts.

Species Description

A British Columbia mountain goat hunts is a challenging test of wilderness skills for any outdoors person. Though the creature is not actually a member of the goat genus, it is distantly related to goats, sheep and muskox. The species is built for climbing and can effectively maneuver across rocky or icy terrain that would spell death for most other creatures. Their feet are perfectly adapted to the task. Their feet contain inner pads that give the goat amazing traction, their cloven hooves can spread apart, while the tips of their feet have sharp dewclaws that keep them from slipping.

Standing at about 1 meter at the shoulder, furthermore male goats can weigh between 45 and 140 kilograms. Their long black horns contain yearly growth rings that measure the goat’s age. Mountain Goats live mostly in the Cascade and Rocky Mountain ranges, these creatures tend to live on the same mountain face for long periods of time.  Seasonal migration patterns move them from mountain to mountain as the weather dictates. With their thick, woolly fur coats, they survive low temperatures of the alpine regions of earth. Strict herbivores, mountain goats subsist mostly on grasses, herbs, ferns, mosses, twigs, leaves in their natural habitat. Female mountain goats, though smaller than the males, are surprisingly aggressive towards perceived threats to their offspring.

Hunt Style

Hunting British Columbia Mountain Goat hunts are a matter of climbing mountains to track the quarry.  It is not recommended for those who would be in danger if they did so. Hunting the mountain goat requires physical prowess and stamina. The mountains can be dangerous if one grows weak on them for even a moment. Further, the mountains can be dangerous to the inexperienced, and newcomers to the mountains must listen to their guide with where they go and how the rocky peaks and crags work. Come try it…

Hunt Licencing

With all our out of country hunters, we make sure that you have all of the proper permits and tags and that you’re up on the regulations for your hunt. The cost of your hunt included all royalty costs that may be incurred because of your hunting success.

British Columbia Mountain Goat hunts, test your self..accept the challenge.

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