British Columbia Grizzly Bear Hunts

British Columbia Grizzly Bear HuntsIf you’re looking to hunt grizzly bears, look no further than British Columbia Grizzly Bear Hunts. With a long growing season and plenty of salmon, grizzlies are prolific here.

Bears love to dine on salmon, berries and more so be sure that you do your homework and are prepared to do some walking when you go on your hunt.

Canada sets strict quotas on grizzly bear hunts and these hunts are done from remote areas where grizzly bears reside. The areas are pre-scouted and you’re going to go out on a pre-scouted area for up to ten days at a time.

With heated log cabins and heat these fully equipped wall tents are the ideal place to warm up after you’ve been out hunting. Delicious cuisine will be served up by cooks that know the importance of outdoor cooking.

Grizzlies stand at 9 feet or more and you’re sure to find a variety of colors including light blonde, dark chocolate, as well as black and black with silver or blond frosts.

If you’re from out of the area, you’ll want to be familiar with the regulations, tag requirements, and royalties that British Columbia will be charging you for your hunt. If you’re unsure of these specific regulations please check with your local hunting store or where you purchase your hunting tags. Failure to comply with the regulations can be reason for some hefty fines so always make sure that you’re complying with all of the regulations.

When hunting grizzly, patience is a virtue and you’ll need to have plenty of patience. Grizzlies prefer a rugged mountain terrain and you’ll need to be aware of potential avalanche chutes.

Whether you’re new to hunting grizzly, or you’re a seasoned hunter, you’re sure to appreciate the ease of the hunt when you hire one of the many professional companies that host hunting on their private hunting reserves.

When you plan to hunt on a reserve, you can expect your typical hunting day to begin around 6:00 am. This is when you’ll go out either by foot or horseback and check the slides and usual hangouts. You’ll return to camp mid to late morning and hang out and rest until it’s just about dark.

You’ll want to pack plenty of warm clothes, binoculars, and your patience. You’re going to be doing a lot of watching for the grizzly. Hunt in either a group or with just your guide.

Whether this is a once in a lifetime hunt for you or you do this annually, you’re sure to appreciate the experience and treasure the memories of your hunt. Hunts for grizzly bears take place in the spring and again in the fall months.

There are a variety of methods for hunting the elusive grizzly including by aircraft, electronic aid, and boat as well as by foot. If you’re seeking a true hunting experience you may want to look into British Columbia Grizzly Bear Hunts and try your hand at hunting one of the largest of bears.

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