British Columbia Elk Hunts

British Columbia Elk Hunting TrophyFrom high mountain meadows to the river bottoms, if you’re seeking British Columbia Elk Hunts you’re sure to appreciate the diversity of the terrain here and the beauty of the area. Hunters from around the world flock here to get their elk and other species during any given hunting season.

Whether you prefer bow hunting or rifle hunting, you’re sure to appreciate the opportunities that British Columbia has to offer. You can choose from a land camp or a boat camp and just about everything in between.

Guided hunts are also available should you wish to choose that method. The diversity of the habitat ensures that you’re sure to get the experience of a lifetime and no two experiences will be the same.

There are also some remote hunts that are available and even private land hunts. Always double check that you’re not on private property when you’re hunting here, if you are on private property, you’ll want to ensure that you have the proper permission from the land owners as well as any additional permits that are required.

If you’re from the United States, you’re going to need to ensure that you have all of the proper regulations and permits. You’ll require the tags and you’ll be required to pay the royalties as well. You can get more information from your local hunting outlet or from British Columbia hunting sites.

It’s important to note that the government here in British Columbia strictly enforces that there is a six point antler restriction. You’ll be expected to know all fo the restrictions and adhere to them when you’re hunting here.

Elk hunting can also be combined with other species so you can hunt for several different animals at one time as long as you have the proper permits and tags. If you’re unsure always check with the department of hunting and wildlife before you step out to hunt.

The British Columbia Roosevelt Elk were introduced to the Sunshine Coast off of British Columbia in 1986. The herds have flourished since then and there are many very large Roosevelt Elk that weigh in over one thousand pounds in weight.

Rifle season begins October 10th and officially ends on November 20th. If you prefer archery, you’ll want to note that you can begin hunting October 1st through November 20th. Most of the hunts are done from four wheel drive vehicles, four wheelers and via foot.

There are also tree stands in many areas that allow for the hunter to wait it out. This is especially helpful for the disabled hunter. No matter what the hunters physical condition, there is a hunt available that will cater to said condition. No matter which route you select for your hunt, you’re likely to find several likely candidates for your successful hunt.

Many outfitters offer ten to fourteen-day hunts and multiple species. From elk to moose, caribou to black bear and even wolf, you’re sure to get your hunt in when you choose British Columbia Elk Hunts.

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