British Columbia Hunts

Here at Fredlund Guide Service offer a number of different hunts but our specialty is British Columbia Moose hunts, Elk hunts, bear hunts.  Check out all the different hunts  we offer and make sure to visit our Hunt Gallery and Video page.

British Columbia Moose Hunts

British Columbia moose hunts

High mountain meadows, pine ridges, willow flats, and many river bottoms make our area excellent for guided British Columbia moose hunts.  The diversity of habitat allows us to provide top quality moose hunting starting in mid August right to the end of October.
If you are on a guided moose hunt in British Columbia in August and early September, time will be spent watching the many natural mineral licks, as well as glassing mountain valleys for bulls.  At this time of year, bull moose frequent these spots on a regular basis and are quite easy to pattern.

Frosty mornings in mid September start the moose rut.  Bulls strip their velvet and start wandering looking for the first receptive cows.  Valley bottoms, lakes and willow flats start to produce the kind of British Columbia moose hunting opportunities everyone needs to experience.  Misty morning and the low grunt of a bull moose will make any hunter enjoy this hunt.

Lots of receptive cows and consistently colder weather, brings the moose rut into full swing in October.  Large bulls are busy protecting their cows and are ready to fight.  British Columbia moose hunting guides will use an old moose shoulder blade and a few well-timed grunts to bring that monster moose literally into your lap.

Moose hunting in British Columbia starts to wind down near the end of October but the good hunting is not over yet.  Bulls start to bunch up and concentrate on feeding to prepare for the long winter.  This is an awesome opportunity to sneak along the common moose spots,  tracking and stalking large bull moose.

Moose Trophy Quality

The outfitted British Columbia moose hunts that we offer are for trophy Canadian Moose.  Our goal as moose hunting outfitters is to harvest bulls 50 inches or larger.  We run very high success on this type of bull and encourage our hunters not to shoot anything less.  We are always concerned about trophy management and are looking to harvest mature bulls.  Every year we harvest a number of bulls grossing over the 195 B+C minimum and seeing that 200 mark broken is not a rare occurrence. These are top notch Canadian Moose Hunts not only in British Columbia but in all of Canada.

British Columbia Elk Hunts

British Columbia Elk Hunting TrophyIf you’ve never been on a guided  British Columbia elk hunt in the rut, you had better give it a try.  Whether it is  from a boat drifting down a river or from a mountain top on horseback, hunting bugling elk bulls is an amazing experience with great rewards. British Columbia elk hunting season opens September 1 and the elk hunting is excellent right from the beginning.  The elk are already starting to rut.  Bull elk are establishing dominance and are herding up their cows.  The rut that promotes this excellent British Columbia elk hunting continues through the whole month of September..

Methods may vary but elk hunting in the British Columbia area can be excellent for the whole month. Elk are found in many different parts of our area.  A good portion of our area produces elk right at timberline.  The majority of the British Columbia mountains in our area do not exceed 7000 feet and timberline is between 4500 to 5500.  Once you move out of the mountains into the foothills, pine ridges, south facing slopes, and river banks are all great places to find rut activity.

If you are in fair physical condition and get motivated by bugling bull elk we can take you on an exciting outfitted adventure.

Elk Trophy Quality

British Columbia elk hunting regulations require that elk in our area have 6 points on one side before they can be harvested.  This rule has insured and will insure that we maintain excellent trophy elk.  As British Columbia elk outfitters we strive to harvest bulls in that 300 B+C class or better.  This is a reasonable goal for our elk hunter with the possibility at a 350 class bull.

British Columbia Black Bear Hunts

British Columbia Black Bear huntsIn British Columbia, we can offer a very wide range of  black bear hunting opportunities.  There are both spring and fall seasons for British Columbia Black Bear hunts. During Black bear hunts in the springtime hunters are in search of the succulent new vegetation.   While black bear hunting in British Columbia, you can expect to glass south-facing slopes, cutblocks, as well as stalk along river bottoms and pipelines.  The breeding for British Columbia black bears occurs in early June.  This is a great opportunity to be guided on a hunt for trophy class black bear.  Late June brings the hard-to-find monsters out in search of a mate.  In the fall, spotting and stalking is still the main method of black bear hunting, but the food sources change.

Healthy populations make these hunts filled with multiple black bear sightings and stalks.  British Columbia black bear hunts are a great time to enjoy springtime in the mountains.  Black bear hunts are really relaxed because the days are so long.  The best hunting is from around 1-10 pm.  Hunters can have an excellent sleep, get up and go fishing, and then hunt for the rest of the day.  We really encourage father and son groups for these black bear hunts because it is a great way to introduce youngsters into hunting in British Columbia.  Many animal sightings keep this hunt very entertaining for youngsters.

In the fall, all our black bear hunting is done as part of a 10-day combination hunt with either a Moose or Elk.

Black Bear Trophy Quality

Hunters looking for good trophies can expect excellent results.  We do have a good number of color phase black bears.  Sizes range from the 6-foot mark up to 7.5.  Our goal on black bear hunts is to harvest good boars 6.5 foot and better.

British Columbia Grizzly Bear Hunts

British Columbia Grizzly bear hunts In British Columbia we can offer a very wide range of grizzly bear hunting opportunities. British Columbia has  both spring and fall seasons for grizzly bear hunts.

Grizzly bear, whether spring or fall, call for the same style of hunt.  Springtime brings grizzlies in search of the succulent new vegetation.   As British Columbia grizzly bear hunters, you can expect to glass south-facing slopes, cut blocks, as well as stalk along river bottoms and pipelines.  In the fall, spotting and stalking is still the main method of British Columbia grizzly bear hunting,  but the food sources change. 

Healthy populations of Grizzly bears fill this bear hunt with multiple sightings and stalks.  British Columbia grizzly hunts are a great time to enjoy springtime in the mountains.  Grizzly hunts are really relaxed because the summer days are so long and the best hunting is from around 1 pm to 10 pm.  Grizzly hunters can have an excellent sleep, get up and go fishing, and then hunt for the rest of the day.  We encourage father and son groups for this type of hunt because it’s a great way to introduce youngsters to hunting.  The many animal sightings that often occur on British Columbia grizzly hunts keep things very entertaining for youngsters.

Grizzly Bear Trophy Quality

Hunters looking for good British Columbia grizzly trophies can expect excellent results.   British Columbia is very concerned with maintaining a large grizzly population.  Low harvest numbers, along with good genetics, gives the hunter the chance at a great inland grizzly.  Sizes range from 7.5 to 9 feet in length.

British Columbia Bighorn Sheep Hunts

British Columbia Bighorn Sheep Hunting

For individuals who have not been guided on a trophy sheep hunt, climb a mountain and spot your first mature bighorn ram,  you will know why rocky mMountain bighorn sheep are such a sought-after trophy.  Wild sheep live in some of North America’s most awesome wilderness.  They can be spotted grazing in high mountain basins or bedded lazily on jagged rock outcroppings and shale slides.  No matter where they are found, hunting and harvesting one of these majestic bighorn sheep is an untouchable experience.

For the experienced sheep hunter we provide British Columbia bighorn sheep hunting in an area rarely reached by other hunters.  We hunt a remote area and take a very limited number of hunters.  This allows us to have excellent age structure in our sheep herd.  Our British Columbia bighorn sheep hunting season opens on August 15th .  This is the recommended time to come.  Hunts are 14 days in which you will most likely be in the hands of  more than one experienced sheep guide.  All hunts involve horseback riding, hiking, and possibly backpacking.

British Columbia Mountain Goat Hunting

British Columbia Mountain Goat Hunting The British Columbia mountain goat has a majesty all of its own.  Spending most of it’s time bedding on sheer rock faces and grazing on lush green outcroppings, mountain goats are a trophy that need to be pursued by any serious hunter. British Columbia mountain goat hunting season starts mid August and runs until mid November.  While hunting goats, an individual will spend a lot of time glassing to find the right billy.  Once you’ve found your  mountain goat, you will then plan and make your stalk.  Being in fair shape is important but in most cases, stalks are not rushed and British Columbia mountain goat hunters can take their time.  This hunt will leave you with the satisfaction of a hard-earned trophy, as well as, many fond memories.

Mountain Goat Trophy Quality

Our area has produced a number of trophies scoring higher than the 50 inch B+C minimum.  Genetically our mountain goats produce good length and excellent mass, giving most mature mountain goats a good score.  If it is the hair length that you are concerned about,  hunting later in September is your best bet.

British Columbia Whitetail Deer Hunts

British Columbia Whitetail Deer HuntsDepending on the time of year, a number of British Columbia whitetail deer hunting styles may be used. During bow season, the majority of hunting will be done from tree stands.  September 10 is the beginning of British Columbia rifle season. This is pre-rut and it is a great time to hunt whitetails.  Bucks are usually quite consistent and easier to pattern. British Columbia’s whitetail deer hunting can offer some excellent trophies at this time. In November, you will be deer hunting from ground blinds and stands. Some spot and stalk methods will be used on occasion as well.

Whitetail Deer Trophy Quality

The British Columbia whitetail deer hunts that we offer are of excellent quality.  The Whitetails that we try to harvest in our area are 150 B+C or larger.  This we believe is a very reasonable goal.

British Columbia Mule Deer Hunts

British Columbia Mule Deer Hunts

We are offering British Columbia mule deer hunts from September 10th until October 5th.  The main method of hunting at this time of year is spot and stalk.  For this hunt, hunters need to be in fair to good condition.  The bachelor groups containing mature mule deer bucks will be the focus.  The start of November brings the rut and it  is time to concentrate on watching the doe groups.  Mule deer bucks will be traveling from group to group looking for does in estrous.

Mule Deer Trophy Quality

The British Columbia mule deer hunts that we offer are of excellent quality.  Mule deer that we try to harvest in our area are 170 B+C or larger.  This we believe is a very reasonable goal.

British Columbia Wolf Hunts

British Columbia Wolf HuntsMost hunters choose to add a wolf tag to their hunt.  Harvesting a wolf is a real trophy, you never know when your chance may turn up.  About 10% of our hunters harvest wolves during regular hunts in the fall.

You can also enjoy British Columbia wolf hunts in the  winter months.  This is an excellent time to take a well-furred trophy.  During January and February, wolves are traveling because of colder temperatures and the mating season. These wolf hunts have been very successful. There is a healthy population of wolves in our area in British Columbia.

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