How To Go On BC Moose Hunts With The Proper Supplies

How To Go On BC Moose Hunts With The Proper SuppliesWhen traveling to British Columbia, or if you happen to be a resident, you might consider going on a moose hunt at some point in time. These are magnificent animals that are sometimes very hard to find, but with the right supplies, you should have no problem locating these animals at all. People that are serious Moose hunters are always properly prepared, and there are many things that you need to bring. If you want to be successful the first time that you go out, or if this is one of many BC moose hunts that you have gone on, the following list of supplies will help you be more successful.

Learn About Moose Habitat

The first thing that you need to do is learn about the habitat of the moose, their patterns, and the many different communication methods that they use. For example, if you are going out on your hunt during late September and into October, this will be during the mating season or the rut. These are the best times to bring moose calls with you, ones that can mimic the bull grunt and the cow call. There are many different units that you can bring with you that will mimic the sounds, as well as electronic devices and speaker systems that can do it for you.

How To Create The Proper Moose Hunting Camp

In order to create the best possible camp that will allow you to spend a few days hunting moose, you will want to bring a tent with you, or a trailer, so that you will have some shelter, and it is also recommended that you bring a sleeping bag, camp stove, hot water heater, a cooler, and plenty of food and water while you are out there. As far as equipment, you will want to bring hunting supplies that can make your BC Moose Hunts as successful as possible.

Bringing The Right Hunting Supplies On Your Moose Hunt

The right supplies to bring will include a Buck Knife that you will use after you have shopped the moose and you are gutting it. You will want to bring a Gerber for skinning the moose, as well as a Wyoming Knife, and a pair of binoculars so that you can see as far away as possible. Some people prefer bringing spotting scopes, so it just depends on what you are most comfortable with. It’s also a good idea to bring a GPS unit with you so that you can properly track your progress, and potentially match this up with known routes that moose take according to other hunters, allowing you to increase your odds of finding one on your trip.

As long as you bring the proper supplies for your BC Moose hunts, you are going to be more successful every time that you go out. It is a great way to become successful with hunting moose, even if it is your first time, as long as you are able to bring the supplies that are listed in this article.

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