British Columbia Moose Hunting Gallery

  1. Jim Testin with Huge Bull Moose
  2. Kim Villmen 60" Bull
  3. British_Columbia_Moose_14Tim Delance and his Huge bull!
  4. Moose 2014Mr. Mattson with a great 50+ Bull Moose



British Columbia Elk, Goats, and Deer Hunting Gallery

  1. elk hunt 4
  2. Mountain Goat 2014Brad Hienrich all smiles with his 9" Billy
  3. Mountain goat
  4. mountain goat 3
  5. Mountain Goat 2
  6. Mountain Goat 14Tom Toy with a great Goat harvested in 2014



British Columbia Grizzly and Black Bear Hunting

  1. Black bear 2014Andrew Coombs with an excellent fall Black bear



Hunters and Guides



Camps and Scenery

  1. Stoney Lake Cook Cabin
  2. Moose Meadows
  3. Goat Camp Cabin
  4. Stoney Lake
  5. Horse Camp Cabin
  6. Goat Camp
  7. Stoney Lake Hunter Cabin
  8. Goose Berry Cabin
  9. Huguenot Camp
  10. Stoney Lake Hunter Cabins
  11. Sunset

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