BC Moose Hunting Outfitter On Moose Meat VS Beef

This is a great video on how moose meet compares against beef put together by our BC Moose Hunting outfitters.

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Reasons To Go On A British Columbia Moose Hunt

Reasons To Go On A British Columbia Moose HuntThere are many places in the world to hunt moose, but the best country to find them is Canada. You can go to Manitoba, QuÈbec, and also Alberta. However, the top choice for most serious moose hunters is to go to British Columbia. If you are headed up into Canada, or you are living in Alaska, regarded as the largest source for moose on the planet, British Columbia is a fantastic place to begin. There are many reasons that you should go on a British Columbia moose hunt, and here are a few tips that you can use in order to have the best hunt of your life.

What You Should Know About Moose If You Are A Novice

If you have never been moose hunting before, but you have been deer hunting, there are a few things that you should realize. First of all, these animals are much larger, with large heavy bodies, the largest of all animals in the deer family. They can be many different colors including what would appear to be pure black, or they could be golden brown. Males that are full-grown, referred to as bowls, stand 6 feet tall at the shoulder. Although females are much smaller, the average weight of either animal is about 1200 pounds and a Bullmoose will have the antlers. You need to be careful when you are hunting as they can be quite aggressive if you accidentally come up upon one, especially during September and October which is their mating season in Canada.

What You Will Need On Your BC Moose Hunt

It is unlikely that spending a few hours out in the wilderness will actually lead to catching one of these elusive animals unless you are one of the best hunters living today. You will likely have to bring many supplies with you, and spend at least a weekend out in the wilderness, to even have a chance of shooting one of these animals. Although they are huge, and plentiful, it may take some time to get your bearings and learn where they are traveling. You will need to bring a tent, stove, propane, sleeping bag, and of course your gun and Buck Knife in order to be properly prepared. People that are using high-tech equipment often bring a GPS unit so they will know exactly where they are. They can sometimes get additional information such as locations where successful moose hunters have been, and can go directly to those destinations.

How To Find Moose Quickly

To make your British Columbia moose hunt as successful as possible, it is always recommended that you bring something that can create cow calls to attract the males, and something to make able grunt to attract the females. Either way, you will inevitably come across a Bull moose. This makes it much easier for hunters to have the moose come to them, eliminating most of the need to track them down. If you are able to go out with a group of people, with everyone using the moose calls, is likely that one of you will attract one of them into your midst, allowing you to take home something on your British Columbia moose hunt.

These simple tips for preparing for your moose hunt in British Columbia should give you enough information to start with. It is recommended that you go out with someone that is experienced if you have never done this before so as to increase your odds of actually shooting one of these animals. It is important to bring proper supplies in case things go wrong, and especially if you are planning on spending a few days in the wilderness. Along with your moose calls, and your GPS unit, you should have the advantage when it comes to trying to hunt for and successfully kill in moose on your next hunting trip.

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A Story From Your Guide

BC Moose Hunting Story Picture From Our Last BC Moose HunHunting had been really tuff. It was day 9 of the hunt, and we had not encountered too many bulls. They were all held up with cows. I was guiding Jim Zepaltas, and Bob Nault was guiding Joe Boxrucker. When it came time for the evening hunt and Bob and I went our separate ways. Jim and I were headed to our spot and came around the corner and standing 75 yards from us was a huge bull. Jim made a good shot and our story is over. Sometimes it is just meant to be.

Bob and Joe on the other hand had quite an adventure. Bob had gone up to a look out to see if he could spot anything in the valley below and right away spotted a bunch of moose all together. There were a few cows and a few bulls all milling around in what we call a “rut party.” There was a big bull in the bunch. The two hunters took off to see if they could get to the spot before it got too dark. When they arrived they could hear Bulls grunting, cows calling, and a bunch of crashing around. Bob gave a cow call and a small bull came over right away. This little bull would not leave them alone. They finally had to throw rocks to get the moose to go away. Still Hearing the big bull, they decided to wade in there. They had to sneak through some thick willows to get close. Bob gave a good bull moose grunt and out came the big bull. Joe had to make an off hand shot and and the bull ran off. Bob and Joe went to the spot where the bull had been standing to look for signs of a hit. Nothing…..Joe had missed. Disheartened the two stood there trying to figure out what to do when they heard the Bull grunting again. Bob called again, and again the bull came out. This time Joe did not miss. Sometimes it it is just meant to be……

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How To Go On BC Moose Hunts With The Proper Supplies

How To Go On BC Moose Hunts With The Proper SuppliesWhen traveling to British Columbia, or if you happen to be a resident, you might consider going on a moose hunt at some point in time. These are magnificent animals that are sometimes very hard to find, but with the right supplies, you should have no problem locating these animals at all. People that are serious Moose hunters are always properly prepared, and there are many things that you need to bring. If you want to be successful the first time that you go out, or if this is one of many BC moose hunts that you have gone on, the following list of supplies will help you be more successful.

Learn About Moose Habitat

The first thing that you need to do is learn about the habitat of the moose, their patterns, and the many different communication methods that they use. For example, if you are going out on your hunt during late September and into October, this will be during the mating season or the rut. These are the best times to bring moose calls with you, ones that can mimic the bull grunt and the cow call. There are many different units that you can bring with you that will mimic the sounds, as well as electronic devices and speaker systems that can do it for you.

How To Create The Proper Moose Hunting Camp

In order to create the best possible camp that will allow you to spend a few days hunting moose, you will want to bring a tent with you, or a trailer, so that you will have some shelter, and it is also recommended that you bring a sleeping bag, camp stove, hot water heater, a cooler, and plenty of food and water while you are out there. As far as equipment, you will want to bring hunting supplies that can make your BC Moose Hunts as successful as possible.

Bringing The Right Hunting Supplies On Your Moose Hunt

The right supplies to bring will include a Buck Knife that you will use after you have shopped the moose and you are gutting it. You will want to bring a Gerber for skinning the moose, as well as a Wyoming Knife, and a pair of binoculars so that you can see as far away as possible. Some people prefer bringing spotting scopes, so it just depends on what you are most comfortable with. It’s also a good idea to bring a GPS unit with you so that you can properly track your progress, and potentially match this up with known routes that moose take according to other hunters, allowing you to increase your odds of finding one on your trip.

As long as you bring the proper supplies for your BC Moose hunts, you are going to be more successful every time that you go out. It is a great way to become successful with hunting moose, even if it is your first time, as long as you are able to bring the supplies that are listed in this article.

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What Does A BC Moose Hunt Trip Look Like?

Trophy Moose HuntBritish Columbia is a Canadian province well known for its natural bounty and lush, beautiful scenery. It features huge expanses of virtually untouched pine forest and clear mountain lakes, natural landscapes that are perfect for exploring and sporting in. In British Columbia, Canada’s best views are yours for the taking, and there’s no better way to experience them then by embarking on a guided moose hunt.

When you go on a BC moose hunt, you get to see more than just moose. Trained hunting guides can take you into the most remote parts of the forest, where you’ll be able to experience nature in its utterly untouched form. The process of tracking, hunting, and dressing a moose also lets you get a unique insight into the lives of those who have traditionally lived in the area, which is becoming more and more of a rare cultural experience.

For those who are considering a BC moose hunting trip, here are the steps you will want to take to ensure that you have the best possible experience on your hunt.

1. Make Travel and Hunting Plans

The best way to ensure that everything goes smoothly is to start planning well in advance. British Columbia is a popular destination during the summer and winter vacation times, so make sure to figure out all of your travel arrangements well in advance.

An especially important decision to make is whether you will hire a guide or outfitter. These small businesses provide hunters valuable information and gear for their hunt, and are able to make your trip far more effective and comfortable. While it is possible for experienced hunters and outdoorsmen who are familiar with the Canadian mountain environment to go without these services, they are definitely recommended for beginners.

You will also need to apply for a hunting licenses specifically for moose from the Canadian government. If you are a patron of a guide or outfitter, they will likely help you complete and file your application.

2. Prepare for the Hunt

After arriving in your destination, you will need to spend some time gathering the supplies and tools you will utilize on your moose hunt. This includes the knives and powerful guns necessary to dispatch and dress a moose, as well as more general gear like bedrolls, campfire accouterments, and tents. It is also likely that you’ll need to bring rations, as well as water or a water purification system.

3. Stalk, Shoot and Dress Your Moose

Once all preparations have been made, you will be able to get to the fun part. Stalking and shooting a moose is a complex process, involving great athletic skill and understanding of animals. Once brought down, meat and trophies can be taken from it. Make sure that any moose you shoot is safely within government hunting guidelines, as ignoring these rules can lead to trouble.

A BC moose hunting trip is one of the most exciting and fascinating vacations imaginable. With some planning and foresight, it’s a great way to experience hunting while taking in the beautiful outdoors scenery.

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Allen Birchett’s BC Mose Hunt

Allen Birchett On BC Moose Hunts


My wife and I were thinking about buying the area we currently operate in and had arranged a little bite of a trial period with the previous owner. So we spent a lot of time scouting and getting to know the area and then took a few clients out on a hunt.

Allen Birchett was one of the clients that we took on one of these BC moose hunts. His hunt started in the beginning of October. We hunted for a few days and had not seen a bull. It was evening and we walked into a spot i had never been before, haha, and I tried a cow call.

Not very far away I heard an answer. It was a very timid one and I assumed it wasn’t a very big bull, but I continued to call so that at least Allen could see his first moose. He kept coming slowly through some really thick stuff and I never heard a horn touch a branch or even a stick break so I continued to think it was a small bull. I happened to be looking the other way when Allen said he could see him. I looked over and to my surprise there was a huge bull moose slowly and quietly weaving his horns through the woods coming strait for us. Needless to say we got him and Allen had harvested a huge British Columbia moose.

The moose scored 199 and change gross Boone and Crocket and was really unique. His left horn had a really thick ridge that ran down the middle of the pan, and on the bottom of the ridge there were two drop tines that hung down. Here are a few pics, the only thing I regret was not taking enough pictures. Now days with digital cameras we can just hold that button down and take as many as we want. But you cant go back and get more.

Allen Birchett On A BC Moose Hunt

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Great Elk Hunting BC

Great elk hunting in BCBritish Columbia offers a great deal of potential hunting challenges, ranging from prey animals like mule deer all the way up to massive predators like grizzly bears. Somewhere in the middle of these potential quarry lies the elk. Elk hunting BC is among the least complicated hunts in British Columbia a hunter can undertake as the creatures are not endangered, and are in fact quite prolific, sometimes to the point of being problematic. However, their size is a sight to behold and their antlers make some of the best trophies available in western Canada. Further, they can be quite challenging game, particularly given that they are quite well adapted to fending off natural predators such as wolves and escaping larger predators such as bears.

Known in Shawnee and Cree as waapiti (meaning ìwhite rumpî), the elk of British Columbia are prolific enough to be considered a species that is acceptable to hunt. Inhabiting the forested hills and taiga of the wilds of British Columbia, elk hunting BC usually occurs in the month of September. This is when the elk are in their rutting season, preparing to mate and then breed. Because the elk are often preoccupied and more willing to brave the lands outside the deepest wilds in search of mates, this makes it a fairly ideal time for a patient hunter to bring in a sizable bull. However, due to laws about British Columbia elk hunts, only bulls may be brought down; cows and calves of the species are not legal game animals and few legitimate hunting outfitters will assist a hunter in bringing in these specific elk.

The creatures are well adapted to clashing with predators, ranging from coyotes to cougars. Their massive size and herd tactics will find off most predators that face the entire herd, and any veteran hunter will tell you that messing with the entire herd is a very bad idea. Lone males during the rutting season seldom have herds, but their massive antlers allow them to gore any potential predators that they deem threats. It is for this reason that hunters are advised to be more careful around these creatures than they would lesser game such as mule deer. Additionally, these animals are prime prey animals for many other species of predator beyond just humans, and it is not uncommon for black bears and wolverines to be drawn to elk carcasses brought down either by other animals or human hunters.

The forest and forest edge terrain these creatures inhabit can, however, be treacherous; as picturesque as the lands of British Columbia are, they can be dangerous and inexperienced hunters will likely need a guide to the lands of the region. However, with the right outfitter and the right hunter, the province can almost ensure a large bull elk to any hunter willing to get a permit and put forth the effort to hunt it. Six point bulls are incredibly common in British Columbia in September, and larger, more impressive bulls are far from unheard of in these wilds.

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The History Of BC Moose Hunts

history of bc moose huntsThe history of BC moose hunts reaches back to the First Nations, who relied upon hunted moose meat as a major source of protein, as well as using the dried hides for shoes, clothing and shelter, as well as tools made of bones and antlers, an important element of the First Nations’ economic systems. Indeed, some records state that some bands of the First Nations starved if anything severely reduced the amount of moose inside their borders. The importance of moose into the modern day has declined in many parts of British Columbia, but in the northern and rural reaches of the state, moose meat remains an essential element of the local diet. Modern First Nations people are among those who find great use for moose meat in their cuisine.

With the coming of firearms and industry, human activities began to make an impact on the number of moose available to hunt in BC moose hunts. Logging, settlement, farming and hydroelectric dams reduced the ranges of British Columbia’s moose. Further, the arrival of automobiles and highways in recent years sees a great increase in the number of moose killed by cars and trains, economic damage from which encouraged the government of British Columbia to open the gates for hunters to help control the populations. The hunting is heavily regulated and while hunters remove many moose from the population during the legal hunting season (which is also the species’ rutting season), concerns over unregulated harvesting has become a conservation concern. Additionally, access roads are beginning to reach deeper into moose habitats, leading to further over harvesting of the species.

Beginning in 1981, the Canadian government took an interest in protecting and enhancing the moose habitats in the northern and central regions of the state. Increasing logging in the region is also something of a concern, as loss of habitat may further shrink the ranges of moose. Land using planning for the steadily rising population of British Columbia are also beginning to take into account the needs of moose and other wildlife as well. And, while a great many conservation programs are in effect around the creatures’ ranges, the number of moose has, for reasons that are at the moment poorly understood by biologists, decreasing across the country. Scientists are investigating this matter further, but it remains something of a mystery in scientific circles.

Risk to these creatures’ range aside, moose hunts in British Columbia have produced some truly amazing trophy specimens that turned into iconic moments in the history of hunting in Canada. The twentieth highest score bull moose taken in British Columbia was brought down in 1971 and clocked in at 221 and 7/8ths points. Nine years later, in 1980 another hunter brought in the state’s biggest moose ever, a 242 point bull in the Grayling River region of the state. The hunter, Michael E. Laub, had long wanted to hunt moose in British Columbia, but had never seen these animals in person until he saw the specimen that would prove to be the biggest on record.

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All About Elk Hunting In BC

british columbia elk huntIf you are a lover of big game hunting, an elk is one of the favorite big game animals to hunt. Elk hunting is one of the most popular outdoor events in British Columbia, Canada. Elk hunting is one of the most exciting sports with plenty of cross-country traveling on foot or horseback. The big bull elk usually weighs up to 1000 lbs with grand antlers. Elk hunting is not only a sport but all about enjoying the natural surroundings. This article provides a comprehensive overview of elk hunting BC.
The elk is a fascinating animal in British Columbia. In fact, it is considered the second largest species of deer in the region. Elk hunting has become extremely popular in recent times among the big game hunters in the area. There are many companies that offer guided elk hunts to suit the varying tastes and budgets of hunters. BC is considered a good place to hunt trophy elk in Canada. There are many things that you need to keep in mind when preparing for an elk hunting trip. Some of the most important skills that you need include physical fitness, high altitude conditioning, navigational skills, tracking skills, camping and survival gear, appropriate clothing, hunting skills & equipment, and meat packing gear. You also need to learn various elk calls to attract the animal and require a flat shooting rifle that could cover a varying range. These are important skills to cultivate before you undertake an elk hunting trip in British Columbia, Canada.
A great outfitter is the best option to guide you throughout your elk hunting trip in BC. IF you’re looking for British Columbia elk hunting, the area has many great outfitters prepared to help you in all your elk hunting endeavors. Your chances of hunting a majestic elk are greatly enhanced when you pick a great outfitter to assist you in the process. These people offer you the best opportunity to succeed in your elk hunting BC trip. They have all the resources, knowledge, and experience to assist you to succeed in elk hunting. Communicating your needs to the outfitter will help increase your chances of success during the hunting trip.
An elk has a very sharp sense of hearing, smell, and vision. The animal will never let you come closer to it. Unless you are an experienced hunter, your chances of succeeding in elk hunting are slim. This is where a professional outfitter comes in handy. They have highly experienced guides who will help you hunt trophy elks in British Columbia, Canada. Finding a professional and experienced outfitter may not be an easy task after all. With so many outfitters in BC, how will you pick the best company? The internet has simplified your efforts of picking the best outfitter in BC. You can easily compare the service features and packages offered by various outfitters by going online. This way you can pick the best outfitter to help you hunt a trophy elk in BC, Canada.
The aforementioned article provides information on elk hunting trips in British Columbia, Canada.

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Why Elk Hunting In British Columbia?

British Columbia Elk Hunting TrophyThere is one question that arises when talking about hunting and that is, why elk hunting in British Columbia? What makes it so special that a person would be willing to come from various parts of the world to take a look? There are numerous reasons for this.

Each hunter has his/her own in terms of why they like the province and its herds. There are three which are always listed when the topic does come up. These reasons do a lot to answer this question and are commonly seen on the lips of those who are hunting in the province.

Big National Elk Herd

Let’s begin with the quantity of those who are being hunted. The elk herd is massive and that is great for hunters who want to be able to spot them and then take care of them as well. It is not easy to locate elk in other regions, but in British Columbia, that is not a problem.

The herd is large in size and this means it is easier to get to them as well for any hunter. The guide can take a person around and it will be simple enough to get to see elk.

Beautiful Landscape

While elk hunting in British Columbia is lovely and that is a part of the appeal, it is not the only thing that a person is going to remember about their trip. It is just the setting and how it seems to join well with the rest of what is being done. Hunting in such a beautiful landscape is breathtaking and something you can take with you.

Those lovely sights and the great weather is just incredible. It is the type of thing a person won’t ever be able to forget even as they get older. The elk just adds to the beauty.

Large Trophy Sizes

It is not just about how many elk there are in the province, but about their size as well because that can have an impact on the hunt. If the size is not good, you won’t have a good trophy to collect and take with you. Therefore, this does play a role for hunters.

In this regard, the hunt will be a success because the province is home to some of the biggest elk you will get a chance to see in British Columbia. It is a big part of its appeal.

Going elk hunting is intriguing and something many hunters wish to do when they talk about this province, but it is important to know about these benefits. It is about being able to tap into these benefits and really go for a good hunting session out in the woods where the elk are.

Professional hunters travel from all over the world to take a look at the elk in this region because of how many there are and the quality of them. It is just perfect for hunters and a dream come true for all involved in the process.

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