British Columbia Trophy Hunts

Aaron and Jessica Fredlund have built a life around hunting and guiding industry for 17 years. They have established their hunting operation along the foothills of the Rocky Mountains of northeastern British Columbia. The goal is to provide one of the absolute finest quality British Columbia Trophy Hunts available. Hunters booking with us can expect a level of service and hospitality that can only be described as “Second To None”. With a limited number of hunts per season, FGS clients should not only expect the highest possible trophy shot opportunity, but they should walk away feeling like they’ve been hunting with friends. 

We offer a wide variety of trophy animals to hunt in British Columbia.  Check out the rest of the site.   We update this site with the most recent hunt information and photos. In the  past we have had excellent hunters who were successful in harvesting many great trophy moose, elk, whitetail, mule deer, bighorn sheep, black bear, grizzly, and wolf.  These are  adventures that you do not want to miss.  It’s you turn !!

British Columbia Moose Hunts

British Columbia trophy hunts for mooseBritish Columbia is home to beautiful mountains, pine ridges, river streams and willow flats. This habitat makes it an excellent area for British Columbia trophy hunts for moose.  Our guided moose hunts start in the middle of August and run all the way through the end of October. You’ll experience glassing mountain valleys, natural mineral licks and and misty mornings.  Enjoy all this while you track and stalk the trophy quality moose you’re looking for.

At Fredlund Guide Service the moose hunts that we offer are for trophy Canadian Moose.  We want our hunters to harvest bulls 50 inches or larger.  Our outfitters run very high success rates on this type of bull and we always encourage our hunters that they not shoot anything less.

British Columbia Elk Hunts

British Columbia Elk Hunting TrophyWe all enjoy hunting,  but if you’ve never been on British Columbia trophy elk hunts, you’re missing out. You’ll experience riding horseback in the mountains or hiking valley breaks while hunting bugling elk bulls.

Many of the elk in our area are found right at timberline. If bugling elk excites you, get in great shape and  you’re a prime candidate for our elk hunting adventures.

British Columbia Black Bear & Grizzly Bear Hunts

British Columbia Black Bear and Grizzly Bear HuntsFredlund Guide Services can offer a very wide range of  black bear and grizzly bear hunting opportunities in both the Spring and Fall. Healthy black and grizzly bear populations make our bear hunts filled with multiple sightings and stalks.

While on one of our bear hunts in British Columbia hunters can expect to glass south facing slopes, cutblocks, pipelines and river bottoms.

Black bear hunters looking for good trophies can expect sizes to range from the 6-foot mark up to 7.5. Grizzly hunters can expect sizes ranging from 7.5 to 9 feet in length.

British Columbia Bighorn Sheep Hunts

British Columbia Mountain Goat HuntingIf you’ve ever hunted rocky mountain bighorn sheep then you know why they’re such a sought-after trophy.  These majestic wild sheep live in some of British Columbia’s most beautiful and undisturbed areas. To stalk a bighorn sheep you’ll need to join them up on high mountain basins and jagged rock outcroppings.

At Fredlund Guide Service we’re able to provide British Columbia bighorn sheep hunting in an area that’s rarely reached by other hunters.  The area we hunt is very remote and we take a limited amount of hunters.

British Columbia Mountain Goat Hunts

mountain goat hunting british columbiaDo a little research and you’ll soon learn that the British Columbia trophy hunts for mountain goat have a majesty unlike any other animal. It spends most of its days on sheer rock faces and rock outcroppings. These mountain goats are pursued by many serious hunter.

You’ll need to be in good shape for a mountain goat hunt, but rest assured you’ll have the satisfaction of a hard earned trophy and great memories to go with it.

British Columbia Whitetail Deer Hunts

British Columbia White Tail HuntsIn both bow and rifle season British Columbia has great whitetail bucks for hunting. You’ll have a number of hunting styles to choose from including tree stands and ground blinds, and spot and stalk methods. We’re sure the big bucks produced by the sparsely populated British Columbia area will provide you with the trophy you’re looking for. We always try to harvest 150 B+C or larger.

British Columbia Mule Deer Hunts

British Columbia Mule Deer HuntsExperience a spot and stalk type hunt while you’re looking for a trophy sized mule deer. Fredlund Guide Services is currently offering British Columbia trophy hunts for mule deer from September 10th through October 5th. Since this is a spot and stalk type hunt you’ll need to be in good to fair physical condition.

British Columbia produces some excellent sized mule deer for you to hunt. We try to harvest 170 B+C or larger.

British Columbia Wolf Hunts

British Columbia Wolf HuntsThere is a healthy population of beautiful and large wolves in British Columbia. Harvesting a wolf while out on a hunt is an awesome experience and one that you can never predict exactly when it will happen. About 10% of our hunters harvest wolves during regular hunts in the fall. However, if you wait until the winter months you’ll find the wolves much more well-furred.


We bring you British Columbia trophy  hunts for -Bighorn Sheep, Mountain Goat, Moose, Elk, Whitetail, Mule Deer, Wolf , Grizzly and Black Bear

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